Putting a small baby in an educational care facility can be daunting for a parent. Suburban Hills School is dedicated to cultivating a loving, nurturing environment in which your baby can grow and develop. In our infant suite, we have created a place which is safe and friendly for your baby. The décor of the rooms project a feeling of home, as though your child were in his/her very own nursery. Our staff is caring and attentive to each child’s individual needs and will do their best to make your baby’s transition away from home as easy as possible for the both of you.




All the children are at different stages of growth and development, challenging Suburban Hills to constantly uphold a unique infant curriculum, tailored to meet each child’s needs. Emphasis is placed on numerous areas of the baby’s development, in a program that gives children lots of room to explore their world and improve their motor skills. The school’s infant program is equipped to aid your child in all stages of development from rolling and sitting, to walking. There is also an infant outdoor play area and strollers for the children to enjoy the fresh air when the weather allows. We place a very high priority on teaching infants to becoming independent. Skills include, but are not limited to, holding their own bottles, feeding themselves with finger foods, moving around on their own, self-soothing skills, and language. The caregivers talk, sing, and read to the children, fostering early language skills.


Being in a group environment gives the babies an opportunity to develop socially and emotionally and to create bonds with other children their age. While parallel play is perfectly normal for infants, their social and emotion growth will improve as they will begin to interact and form relationships with other children.


Suburban Hills provides a clean, secure, and peaceful home away from home for your infant where our staff will not only take a great interest in your child’s well-being and growth, but also work to create a trusting and loving bond with your child.






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