Our Toddler Care Program at Suburban Hills provides young children with a place to grow and learn in a safe, secure, and loving environment. We recognize that the bodies of toddlers are in a state of rapid growth and development. With that in mind, the toddler classrooms and our recreation rooms were designed with lots of space to encourage the children to explore their own abilities, while improving their motor skills. In addition, there is an age-specific outdoor play area for the children to enjoy the fresh air when the weather allows.





Independence at this age is paramount as it directly affects a toddler’s development of self and self-confidence. Some of the many skills a child will learn that are crucial in this process are feeding themselves, cleaning-up, washing hands, self-soothing, language, and communication. Language skills are fostered through a child’s participation in our daily music, singing, and reading activities. Toddlers begin to use language in order to voice needs and desires. Our caregivers are encouraging and responsive to these verbal displays.


Toddlers also begin to learn basic concepts such as colors, shapes, and singing the alphabet. The art projects incorporate coloring, painting, drawing, etc., to develop fine motor skills and explore different sensory stimuli. Children at this age learn a tremendous amount just by absorbing information from their environments and exploring the world around them. Forming relationships and bonds with other children improves a toddler’s emotional and social growth and helps them understand their world and how they fit into it.


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