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Pre-School Pioneers


A major developmental milestone happens in the 2 – 3-year-old age group – they’re not toddlers anymore! Suddenly, these children are ready for preschool and excited to continue to learn and explore.

The early childhood years are extremely important in a child’s development, as they are very interested and excited about their surrounding environment. This growing process is rapid and kids literally drink in the world around them. Suburban Hills School is not only an environment that was designed with this concept in mind, but we are also geared to meet the expanding needs of the children in this exciting age group. Emphasis is placed on communication and interaction to help build self-confidence and to develop independence. 

The teachers are experienced in engaging each child in many ways: coloring, holding a crayon, music, themes, animals, puppets, art, singing, exploration of the 5 senses, and much more!

Children at this age are quite enthusiastic, ready to explore and full of energy. They will learn many new skills and will be excited and proud to share them with you.


Relationships & Social Skills

Not only do the group activities and “circle time” help children establish relationships, but they teach them how to socialize, listen, share, and communicate.

Math & Reasoning

Math skills are developed as they sort items by color, start to count, identify shapes, and build reasoning skills. 


Art & Creative Thinking

Art projects help develop fine motor skills as a child learns to use scissors, color, glue, and work with various materials and textures.


Vocabulary & Language

Reading stories, singing songs, and inquisitive discussion help build a child’s vocabulary and develop language and memorization skills.

Independence & Self Confidence

Children also develop their independence by mastering self-help skills like unpacking their backpacks or putting on their coats. During this time, parents and teachers will also work very closely together to determine the appropriate time to start toilet training

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