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Thank you so much for all of your loving care of Abbey this year. It is easy to see why Suburban Hills School has a great reputation and is so well-run…We look forward to many more years at Suburban Hills.


Clare, Rob, and Abbey Riina

Thank you for all your hard work and endless caring toward all the children. Your dedication does not go unnoticed. Choosing Suburban Hills was the best decision we ever made.


The Hazens

Thank you so much for all the love and support you gave Matthew in his 4 years at Suburban Hills. He loves Suburban Hills and brings many memories with him on his new adventure. He has grown and learned so much at Suburban Hills…Thanks for all you do for our children.


Rich, Laurie, Matthew, and Carly

As you know, we could not say enough wonderful things about Suburban Hills! What makes this school so special are the people that are in it. I have felt a real love for our children and could not ask for more…We love and appreciate all that you do and could not have chosen a more perfect place for our child.
Mike, Cassie, and Isabella Bruno

Words cannot begin to describe how thankful we are to you and your amazing staff at Suburban for making Christopher’s first year at school a truly memorable one! You have far exceeded my wildest expectations as to what I wanted school to be like for “my little man!” Thanks for everything and we hope you have a great summer!


Chris, Rosa, Rosario, and Christpher Montana

Where to begin…You have been tremendous to my children and family over this year and in the past! I cannot rave enough about the quality of the teachers and staff at your school. All of you are such wonderful, nurturing, insightful teachers to these children. All of the kids are happy and learn so much…leaving is so bittersweet. We wish you all the best and thank you from the bottom of our hearts! You should be very proud of the job you are doing and this cozy home-away-from-home environment you have created.


The Fernandez and Smith Families

We can’t thank you enough for making Sara’s years at Suburban Hills a wonderful experience! Although we are sad she is leaving, we look forward to the next chapter in her life. …Your warmth and love for each and every child shows every day…Your patience in dealing with my crazy schedules is so appreciated…You work so hard to make the school a terrific place! We look forward to Allison enjoying her years at Suburban Hills as much as Sara has.

With Gratitude,

The Hall Family

We just want to tell you that we simply love you and appreciate each and every one of you for all the beautiful love, care, and devotion you give to not only our children but to all the children that come to this magnificent school. We love you all so much. There is not another school or teaching staff on this earth that can match you!

With Much Love and Gratitude,

Nancy, Michael, Mikey, Matty, and Joey Paladino

I can’t thank you enough for the love, patience, and support you have given to Analiese over the past two weeks. The hardest thing in life I have had to experience is handing my daughter over to the care of “strangers.” But, you have eased my anxiety with your confidence, soothed our fear with your love and care and in this short time, I think of you not as a teacher, but as a new part of our family! I am so happy Analiese has you to guide her and nurture her through her young life.

With Love,

Kristen, Mike, and Analiese Torchia

As I prepare to see my third and final child graduate from Suburban Hills tonight, I cannot help but reflect on the past 8 years our family has “grown-up Suburban Hills.” The passion, dedication, creativity, patience, flexibility, and sense of humor demonstrated by teachers and staff were core to making this a most memorable experience.

For 8 years we punched the code to drop our children off at their second home. Morning drop-offs are always buzzing with energy at Suburban Hills, with teachers and staff personally greeting the children and their parents. And so often, more than just a “good morning.” You hear them ask specific, individual questions: “how’s your new baby sister?,” “are you feeling better today?,” how was your game last night?,” etc…It is clear from the point of entry, the deep connection the staff has with the children and with their world both in and out of school.

Of course, not every drop off went smoothly, as each of my three children randomly tested various tricks on making morning drop-offs interesting…the staff always had tricks of their own to smooth the transition…Whatever it took, they not only took the time to show compassion to my child, but to me as a parent. No sooner did I pull away, did I receive a call saying my child is “completely fine, laughing and playing with their classmates.”

The creativity and passion poured into holidays, events, and art projects far surpassed my expectations. I have a priceless collection of beautiful art projects – I never knew so many things can be made out of a simple foot and handprint! My most cherished gifts are the handmade treasures my children so proudly brought home from Suburban Hills. The dedication and creativity poured into Mother’s Day Tea and Father’s Day is heartwarming. I guess it is unlikely I will ever convince the middle school to carry on this tradition?! I will surely miss that.

Every holiday was brought to life at Suburban Hills, but perhaps one of the most talked-about at home is when that trouble maker, Riley the Leprechaun, came around every March. Wow, what a mess he made this year! It was so fun to not only see the school so festively decorated but the staff as well! We LOVE seeing them get in the spirit, be it holidays, pajama days, crazy hair day, red, white, and blue day, and so on…! The passion and creativity has been so inspiring to watch.

I can not say enough about the Suburban Hills Family. We have had so many wonderful teachers and I have enjoyed watching them grow through the years as they have watched my own children…The aids are a special part of the classroom and I love seeing how they visit or connect with the kids that have passed through their rooms. I can go on about the various special moments the teachers, aids, and staff have shared, whether my children were in their classroom or not, they always made us feel welcomed.

At the center of this is Miss Dale and Miss Jill – the dynamic duo that keeps it all running. Aside from providing a leading childcare experience, they have mastered such tasks as, nursing, dentistry, splinter removal, child rocking, refereeing, and the list goes on. Most importantly, they have mastered creating an atmosphere where children can thrive and grow, laugh and learn.

It goes without saying how quickly the years pass. Reflecting on those years, I recall my children being in your care for some of life’s more challenging times, be it the death of a family member, the birth of a sibling, personal struggles and our house fire to name a few.

The way the Suburban Hills Family came together and offered their support when we had our home fire will never be forgotten. I was taken back by the outpouring of care, compassion, and support. It was that spirit of care, compassion, and support that made me choose to join the Suburban Family so many years ago.

I can honestly say that those were the times that affirmed my choice of schools. To be my eyes to see how they were doing; my ears to hear how they were feeling; my arms for the hug they may have needed; all when I needed to be at work. It obviously helps that you were also able to be my sense of humor, because as we all know, the children speak freely at school, perhaps at times, a little too freely!

Words can never express the importance and peace of mind a parent feels knowing they are leaving their child in a safe, loving, and responsible environment – not to mention an environment that children thrive academically and emotionally – all while having fun!

…Knowing this will be the first year that Oakdale Road will not be on our route causes me to pause in the parking lot, stare at the building, and reflect on the journey each of my children took through your halls since we entered that very first code 8 years ago, a code that opened so much more than a door.

So, for every child’s tear you wiped, for every laughter you heard, for every child’s fear you calmed and life you touched, there is a Mom (or a dad) who you did the same for, whether you realized it or not. And this is one Mom that is eternally grateful.

From the bottom of my heart, there is nothing more I can say than “thank you.” Thank you to each and every one of you. You have made a difference.

With much gratitude, love, and respect,

(Name Withheld)

It is hard to believe our time has come to an end at this most wonderful school. From the time Olivia was 4 years old, we have been part of the most loving “Suburban” family. You have let us into your hearts and you certainly have taken over ours! Whether you were teaching Olivia or Sammie personally, wiped a tear (or worse), washed a skinned knee, greeted us at the door with open arms and large smiles, or made the “best Swedish meatballs ever!,”each and everyone of you has made an impression on our daughters, and us, that we will never forget.

As parents, leaving your children all day is probably one of the hardest decisions we have to make to ensure they are safe, well taken care of and you can only hope they will receive even an ounce of love that you, as their parent, would give them during the day. It was something unique when we came to Suburban Hills, to say the least. Not only did we feel 100% confident our daughters were safe every day, we knew they were taken care of and loved as much as someone can love a child that is not their own.

You are all more than teachers…you are unlike any other…you are the individuals who collectively help shape the lives of the little people who are in your care every day, who are teaching them to be good, honest, loving children that will undoubtedly stay with them beyond your doors.

I know my girls have made wonderful memories of their years at Suburban as do Steve and I and we hope that some of the relationships we have made throughout the years will last a lifetime.

We cannot thank you enough for all of your teaching, support, understanding, kindness and unconditional love you have shown our family…

We will miss you all beyond words, but I promise you this, you will see us from time to time and perhaps someday, one of my girls will be a teacher at Suburban!

With Much Love,

Amy, Steve, Olivia, and Sammie Mancuso

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